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Stuart Powell Blog

Tips for Travel to Help You Have a Safer Christmas Season

If your Thanksgiving road trip was a little rocky, now is probably a good time to think ahead for your upcoming Christmas travels!  With the fact that you'll likely be traveling with kids, food and possibly pets paired with the unpredictability of Mother Nature, it's more important than ever to take a few precautions to help things go smoothly.  After all, difficult travels can put a damper on the holiday season!  Here are a few tips to help you get to your destination quickly and safely:

Plan ahead. There's a good chance that you won't be…
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How to Steer Clear from Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning while driving - which happens when a vehicle's tires ride up on a film of water, causing them to lose contact with the road's surface - can be really scary!  If you lose control of your vehicle and panic, a dangerous situation may occur.

It's always important to remember the following:
* Always make sure your tires have adequate tread
* Reduce your speed by about one-third in wet conditions


If your car still begins to hydroplane:
* Ease your foot off the accelerator.  Braking can make the situation worse.  Smoothly easing off the accelerator reduces speed and gradually shifts more…
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Tune-ups: Why your vehicle needs a bi-annual check-up

Just like a doctor checks your general health, a tune up ensures your vehicle performs its best.


If your 'Check Engine' light is on, the shop can plug in a scan tool and look for trouble codes to see where the problem is. This can also be a good opportunity to inspect belts, hoses and connections, as well as search for leaks or parts that need to be replaced.

Certain services are typically recommended once?
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November 2014 Area Chamber Event at Stuart Powell Ford-Mazda is a Big Hit!

It may be the food, or the chance to win a prize.  Maybe it's the networking opportunities, or the chance to see some familiar faces.  

Whatever the reason, we were thrilled to have such a great turnout at the November 20, 2014 regional chamber business after hours event at Stuart Powell Ford Lincoln Mazda!

The event was just part of several times of recognition and celebration of Mr. Powell's 65 years in the automotive business!  Each of the counties represented - Boyle, Garrard, Lincoln and Mercer - have been among the most important to the growth of our dealership.  Mr…
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Are you confused about auto warranty mailers?

Get something in the mail like this about a vehicle warranty?  Or maybe you have also gotten them through email.  In addition to being confusing just by its nature, it may be coming from someone you do not know and with whom you do not have a relationship.


Here are the important things to look at:
* If they have sent you something for a vehicle you don?t own anymore, be suspicious.  There is a?
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Let's Celebrate Stuart Powell’s 65 years in the automotive business!

Stuart Powell ventured out on his own in the auto sales and service business around this time in October of 1949 in Perryville, Kentucky.  Mr. Powell was able to continue what his father began before ill health forced him out of the business by opening a used car lot, and selling and servicing cars "in a little concrete building" he purchased from H. C. Harmon ? now the location of Whitehouse Auto Parts & Tires.

A short?
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Halloween 2014 events for Boyle, Casey, Garrard, Lincoln, Marion, Mercer and Washington counties

? Halloween is the second most commercially successful holiday. Christmas is the first.
? Halloween candy sales average about 2 billion dollars annually in the United States.
? Jack o'Lanterns originated in Ireland where people placed candles in hollowed-out turnips to keep away spirits and ghosts on the Samhain holiday.


Don?t see yours here?  Comment on your favorite social media channel, especially if it is where you first saw this?
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Nominations Being Accepted for Boyle County Chamber's January 2015 Celebration

It is time to submit your suggestions for people and businesses who should be recognized for their work in Boyle County!  The Chamber's committee will begin their work of choosing worthy candidates this month for our January Annual Celebration.  


Outstanding Citizen Award - Outstanding Citizens have been recognized by the Chamber for more than ten years.  This award has been presented to those who have volunteered hundreds of hours to benefit their community and their fellowman.  These hours have generally involved interests and dedication in many areas rather than being focused in one area in particular.  
Business Person of the…
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Stuart Powell Ford-Lincoln-Mazda, and dealership’s David Wix, earn Advocate’s Reader's Choice Awards

On October 2nd, 2014, our dealership was blessed to be presented with awards from The Advocate-Messenger recognizing us for excellence as voted upon by the readers of the newspaper.

"It is inspiring that people (1) take the time to respond to the invitation by the newspaper to vote, and (2) appreciate the way we do business - emphasizing a most trustworthy way of doing business", says owner and president, Stuart Powell.  

Having been in the auto?
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153 years of experience at Stuart Powell on October 1st!

These veteran members of the Stuart Powell Ford-Lincoln-Mazda family of employees ALL were hired on an October 1st!  Check out those years of experience -- totaling 153 years!  You will be hard-pressed to find places of business, let alone an auto dealership and service center, with that kind of average experience (30.6 years) -- let alone with hiring anniversaries on the same day!              
Kay Edgington Segerlund, sales consultant, was hired on 10/1/73.  Kay says…
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